Dec 5, 2012

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Alohaaaaaaaaaaa fellas <3
This is December Already. Time is running so fast, rite? and it feels I just celebrate my 17 birthday last month, but next month I'll celebrate my 18 birthday. I also feel that I just studying at University for a month, but next week I'll face the semester exam. I don't know it's a good situation or not. My granny ever told me that if time feels running very fast, it's the sign that dooms day will coming soon. -________- don't imagine it guys, just pray that we're not the last human in the last era, Amin.

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together". so you ask, why I pick this title? No. I'm not broke with my bf. I am miss something that I'll never ever meet again. CHEMISTRY. Yeah, that subject I don't learn anymore in University. Iam in science class in High school, but now I pick social faculty in university. The good side is: I don't study MATH again (HURRAAAAAAY!) I don't like math and physics, but I love biology and chemistry. It makes me like I lost half of my soul ._.

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Jul 15, 2012

I Can't Stop Dancing

Sorry fellas, I've not updated for so long. I just come back from my dream. It's a nice dream. I told you soooooooo often about my exam, and now I get what I'm waiting for: the result of that exam. And........... the result is.....................................................................................................................................................

Ohhhh my.... all my efforts has been payed ! I can't reach it without your support and prayer, guys. Thank you so much !! Thank God so hard ! *I can't stop dancing*
Finally I'm not a school girl anymore. I don't have to wear the stupid uniform again. I'm a colleger :)

Jul 4, 2012

4th of July!

"You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine
Just own the night like the 4th of July"
Katy Perry Fireworks

Hello, hello ! How's your holiday guys ? I think this holiday feel so bored, why not ? I've been free from school activities for more than 2 months. In the begining it's so fun and I'm feeling free, in addition I went to Bandung and the other cities and visited my families, but in the middle, after I came back to my hometown it feels so ordinary and I need something new to do. Okay I got that "something new" I have to take a driving course and it's killing me ! Yesterday I tought driving is easyyyy but nowadays I know that it's truly false -__- and that course will be end soon.

How can ? You just have to reverse it make the outer side as the inner, and the opposite.
So, it's July already, and today is the 4th of July. Happy independence day of America ! Have a fun birthday, USA. Someday, I'll visit you ! XD wohooooo, so excited

 Anyway, that collar that I wear in these picts are my DIY project. I cut that collar from my high school uniform and I sew some sequin on it. When I wore it, it's still unfinished yet. Voila ! This is it after finishing !

LOL IT'S TOTALLY MESSY ! Yeah, but not too bad :)

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Addition, I have a great news for you who want to join this giveaway, but don't have a blogger account. You can follow Nath's blog via yahoo or twitter. How ? Peek the steps on her blog :D
easy huh >.<

Have a nice day :D xo

Jun 20, 2012


Don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine, but they can't take what's ours
 Aloha fellas ! I really miss so much much mucccch posting in my blog. So sorry for the lack updates :3 I was so busy and have no chance to take outfit photos. thanks for always waiting for me <3 
Btw, I've done the college exam (SNMPTN) and now I'm awaiting for the result (please, please, wish me VERY VERY luck ! >.<) the result will be announced next month.

These photos were taken by my little sist, Icha. No, she's not my real sister, I just have treat her as my sister, cause I've been together with her since we're child. we're did these shoots behind my grandpa's old car. anyway, I'm taking a driving course now, since there's no one in ma house (except my grandpa) who can drive a car, my granny asks me to take a driving course.

Altought that Icha is 2 years younger than me, but we're really close like we're in the same age. Now Icha just graduated from junior high school and will enter to high school soon.

 Okay -__- my bangs is too long now ! and it's disturbing my eyesight

Ours-Taylor Swift, my fav song this week

Jun 1, 2012

June, I Want It That Way

Have you ever feel so slumped ? That's what I feel right now. I am officially stated graduate from high school. It was announced on last May, 26th. Otherwise, in the same date the graduation annoucement of SNMPTN undangan (it's a student admission system without any exam first) blast. 

No, I'm not a part of those who laughing, and dancing cause they're approved by it.I even not participated in uniform's doodling event (it's a way of some students to celebrate their graduation, ummm, yeah I think it's a bad habit, but in this country it have been a tradition).

I am just sitting in fron of the monitor on that day, it's not because I'm not happy in my graduation day, but because I felt so devastated. I should be happy too for my friends that approved in SNMPTN undangan, but deep in this heart, to be honest I really really really and really envy! Just call them as "LUCKY PERSON". I'm understood, they must be so happy. I'll be more happy if I'm a LUCKY PERSON too, but I'm not.

The most annoying thing on that day is, they are, the LUCKY PERSONs were too happy and too many expressing their happyness, especially on twitter and BBM, and it's 'till midnight, damn! :( don't they feel how irritated the unlucky persons does ? furthermore I have a personal problem with my BF and my family, all makes me can't sleep 'till morning. I don't have anyone to tell, so open twitter and the sad feeling become more powerful!

And the sadness come and come again when the result of PPKB UI (one more student admission system wihout exam) announced. Again some of my friends blast their happiness on twitter, BBM, and other social networking, and again I feel more frustated.

Still don't understand why I am so frustated ? My mom doesn't permit me to go colleging out of this town, whereas I was really obsessed with the favorite universities that all located out of this town. I want so, to study in a fav college like them, but what can I do ? my mom won't let me go out of this town. That's why I feel that my firends they're stepping forward, but me ? I just stay here not make any moves :( :(
and my face just be like.........

by the way guuuuuuuuuys, ready for NKOTBSB concert ?!!!!

May 20, 2012


Hello fellas ! :) I'm homeeey after 10 days trip to Jakarta, Bandung and Subang. 10 days is not enough for me, I still want to enjoy my free time outside my riot town. But I have to back to course that I left for 10 days.
everyday I wakeup with face like....
and when I go to bed again, my mom will be like....
this post, I'll intro u my cousin, ACHA, who always made my day on my holiday

cute, heh ? her face's so similar to mine when I was in her age, but she is really different from me ! she's so photogenic ! She can act like a professional model. If you are a photographer, you don't have to direct her to pose, che can do it by herself. She's so talkative like a parrot! She even said wants to marry Umay (a young singer from Indonesia) OMG !
this time, I'll give you bunch of photos ! Sorry, and enjoy :)
location: Trans Studio, Bandung

Location: House of Ria Miranda, Bandung
floral sheer top: fashion post
denim skirt: seera
watch: casio
blue sneakers: city sneaks

Sorry for too much photos, guys ! This is my face after facial, free from comedones !!!!! (ʃƪ´⌣`) (´⌣`ʃƪ)
btw, how do you like my new haircut ? Too short ? Hohoho but I like it than my messy long hair.
Now, tell me about your holiday.
Kelly Clarkson - What Doesn't Kill You (stronger)