Apr 21, 2012

Brain Stretching

Hello, hello, blogbuzz ! This is my scheduled post, so when you read it, I've finished my exam (hip hip hurrayyy!). I make a scheduled post, because I'm not sure I will have a lot of time to sit in front of my PC and lazy-ing, cause I still have 1 more exam to enter university.

Tshirt-Thailand, Blazer-Hong Kong, Wedges- Adorable Projects, Bag-Gucci, Skirt-Magnolia, Watch-Swatch, My name bracelet-gifted

This week, maybe will the most tiring week in ma life. Why ? Because I'm non stop studying math, physics, chemistry, biology, english, and Bahasa. My brain is gonna break. I'm eat a lot when I'm study, and I'm scared to know my weight now. I bet I'll rarely doing exercise now, there's no sport subject anymore like in high school, junior high school, and elementary school, and honestly I dislike that subject !

You know what, there's a little "HAPPY" in my heart that I will leave high school. No, no. I doesn't mean I hate my high school, but It's a lie if I say I love all people in high school. There are some suck people there! But whatever matter to them, I have many lovely friends and boyfriend who always support me :) *thanks a lot guys ! :* If there's a high school reunion, I'll never come there, except a reunion only with friends I like.
No nostalgia at this time, no! I still wait for my exam result, and it's so 'dag dig dug' in my heart ! I wish I'm graduate with the most 5 highest score in my school, like I did when I graduated from JHS (Amin) O:)
Now I wanna enjoy my looong holiday. And stay update, I'll share it with ya ! 

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you can choose which one do you love, and you can choose you fav patterns too ! Adorable ! this giveaway holding by Claireta Teressa from Stranger with Attitude. Open for Indonesian readers ! 

Btw, I'll have a short holiday in April, I'll go to Jakarta, just for attending my sister's wedding, and it just for a week, cause I still have to study for SNMPTN. Yea I know, I always talk about exam, exam, and exam recently, it must be boring, huh ? I'm so sorry for it, guys. I just can't turn my mind from it.
See ya sweeties ! smooch xx

Apr 4, 2012

Countdown to the Exam and Still Joining a Giveaway

just 13 days left to exam ! More nervous~ ~,~
Still not ready for math exam, so I take one more math course. It means, I'll study from early morning till evening. It's such a tiring activities, but I have to calm down 'till the exam over.

dress- gifted
vest- unbranded
watch- hoops
wdges- adorable projects
socks- up2date
hirband- lolypop shop
random necklace

Btw, I'm joining the most wonderful giveaway at this month:

Sabila Anata from Pastel Girl with collaboration w/ UP hold a giveaway! It's so happy to hear that. You can choose your favorite UP wedges in UP's website, and you can win it for FREE easily !
I just joined today, and I hope (really really hope) I can win, because I really loves all UP wedges and I am a fan of kak Diana Rikasari ! >.<
If you love UP too, you must join this giveaway ! How to join it ? 

I'll be back right after my exam done, and I have manyyy things to tell, but not now. Sorry for the defect post.


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