Mar 4, 2012

Finally 17

Hi readers, so sorry for the lack update. I'm so busy preparing for my exam. and next week I'll fighting in school final exam (UAS). I know I still not ready so I must study harder and HARDER ~
last saturday nigh I went to RAMA's sweet 17 party. Believe it or not he's 17, but his face told that he's 20 YO -___-"

LtR: Indah, Sisca,Me,Nanay,Puqal

LtR: Nanad,Nanay,Mine,Putqal,Indah,Me

I have no time to took myself picture cause it's 11 PM already and I must go home or my mom will be mad at me.
btw it's unbelieaveable ! I won giveaway that held by ci Dian from Less Sugar Sweet Candy. It's the 2nd time I won a giveaway. Can't wait the gift >.< it must be so pretty !

me with maudy

Bubu :*

yeah, don't you see something new from this diary ? I just changed my header. It's kinda look same with the previous, but the new one just make my blog appearance more fresh. I have no idea to create the header as cute as other's -,-

with the birthday boy: Rama Arsa Faisal

with bubu and ajo

LtR: yana,nanad,maudy,putqal,sisca,indah,and me
What I wore that night ?
Knitted cape from Bali
Mom's dress
watch - casio illuminator
unbranded black legging
wedges - andrew