Mar 21, 2012

As Thin As Paper

Just less than a month, I'll leave high school. It feels so briefly. I feel like I just entered that school yesterday, and now, just one more step to leave it. I'm still nervous to face the national exam ._.

I just finished UAS and feeling so free. I can't wait to feel more free after UN done. I don't have many time to play and hanging out. I have to use my time carefully, and I just can steal a little time to blogging. Ooo I can't stop visiting blogger, it's so haaard, and I must manage my time.

I look so thin, huh ? I look younger than my age. Before it, I've looked like a junior high school student, but now all be so WORST and even 13 YO gurl looks more mature than me -___- Maybe it's because I'm studying sooooooooooo HARD, it's torture me. Whatever, I bet after UN I'll be fatter.

Furthermore, I'm not sure with my math exam. I feel really weak on math. But I still can tolerate Physics, and Chemistry, although I haven't understand those subjects since I was in X and XI grade. The only subject that really friendly with me is BIOLOGY.

I told my mom about I'm not good in chemistry, but my mom with her spirit agree with me ! She said, she never likes chemistry when she's in high school, but realized that my grandpa was an expert for chemistry, we're wondering: WHY DIDN'T IT GENETICALLY INHERITED? LOL

So, you, guys, who feel expert in math, please help me! Especially for Logarithm, Differential, Integral, and Limit ._.