Apr 4, 2012

Countdown to the Exam and Still Joining a Giveaway

just 13 days left to exam ! More nervous~ ~,~
Still not ready for math exam, so I take one more math course. It means, I'll study from early morning till evening. It's such a tiring activities, but I have to calm down 'till the exam over.

dress- gifted
vest- unbranded
watch- hoops
wdges- adorable projects
socks- up2date
hirband- lolypop shop
random necklace

Btw, I'm joining the most wonderful giveaway at this month:

Sabila Anata from Pastel Girl with collaboration w/ UP hold a giveaway! It's so happy to hear that. You can choose your favorite UP wedges in UP's website, and you can win it for FREE easily !
I just joined today, and I hope (really really hope) I can win, because I really loves all UP wedges and I am a fan of kak Diana Rikasari ! >.<
If you love UP too, you must join this giveaway ! How to join it ? 

I'll be back right after my exam done, and I have manyyy things to tell, but not now. Sorry for the defect post.


One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful