May 20, 2012


Hello fellas ! :) I'm homeeey after 10 days trip to Jakarta, Bandung and Subang. 10 days is not enough for me, I still want to enjoy my free time outside my riot town. But I have to back to course that I left for 10 days.
everyday I wakeup with face like....
and when I go to bed again, my mom will be like....
this post, I'll intro u my cousin, ACHA, who always made my day on my holiday

cute, heh ? her face's so similar to mine when I was in her age, but she is really different from me ! she's so photogenic ! She can act like a professional model. If you are a photographer, you don't have to direct her to pose, che can do it by herself. She's so talkative like a parrot! She even said wants to marry Umay (a young singer from Indonesia) OMG !
this time, I'll give you bunch of photos ! Sorry, and enjoy :)
location: Trans Studio, Bandung

Location: House of Ria Miranda, Bandung
floral sheer top: fashion post
denim skirt: seera
watch: casio
blue sneakers: city sneaks

Sorry for too much photos, guys ! This is my face after facial, free from comedones !!!!! (ʃƪ´⌣`) (´⌣`ʃƪ)
btw, how do you like my new haircut ? Too short ? Hohoho but I like it than my messy long hair.
Now, tell me about your holiday.
Kelly Clarkson - What Doesn't Kill You (stronger)