Jun 1, 2012

June, I Want It That Way

Have you ever feel so slumped ? That's what I feel right now. I am officially stated graduate from high school. It was announced on last May, 26th. Otherwise, in the same date the graduation annoucement of SNMPTN undangan (it's a student admission system without any exam first) blast. 

No, I'm not a part of those who laughing, and dancing cause they're approved by it.I even not participated in uniform's doodling event (it's a way of some students to celebrate their graduation, ummm, yeah I think it's a bad habit, but in this country it have been a tradition).

I am just sitting in fron of the monitor on that day, it's not because I'm not happy in my graduation day, but because I felt so devastated. I should be happy too for my friends that approved in SNMPTN undangan, but deep in this heart, to be honest I really really really and really envy! Just call them as "LUCKY PERSON". I'm understood, they must be so happy. I'll be more happy if I'm a LUCKY PERSON too, but I'm not.

The most annoying thing on that day is, they are, the LUCKY PERSONs were too happy and too many expressing their happyness, especially on twitter and BBM, and it's 'till midnight, damn! :( don't they feel how irritated the unlucky persons does ? furthermore I have a personal problem with my BF and my family, all makes me can't sleep 'till morning. I don't have anyone to tell, so open twitter and the sad feeling become more powerful!

And the sadness come and come again when the result of PPKB UI (one more student admission system wihout exam) announced. Again some of my friends blast their happiness on twitter, BBM, and other social networking, and again I feel more frustated.

Still don't understand why I am so frustated ? My mom doesn't permit me to go colleging out of this town, whereas I was really obsessed with the favorite universities that all located out of this town. I want so, to study in a fav college like them, but what can I do ? my mom won't let me go out of this town. That's why I feel that my firends they're stepping forward, but me ? I just stay here not make any moves :( :(
and my face just be like.........

by the way guuuuuuuuuys, ready for NKOTBSB concert ?!!!!