Jun 20, 2012


Don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine, but they can't take what's ours
 Aloha fellas ! I really miss so much much mucccch posting in my blog. So sorry for the lack updates :3 I was so busy and have no chance to take outfit photos. thanks for always waiting for me <3 
Btw, I've done the college exam (SNMPTN) and now I'm awaiting for the result (please, please, wish me VERY VERY luck ! >.<) the result will be announced next month.

These photos were taken by my little sist, Icha. No, she's not my real sister, I just have treat her as my sister, cause I've been together with her since we're child. we're did these shoots behind my grandpa's old car. anyway, I'm taking a driving course now, since there's no one in ma house (except my grandpa) who can drive a car, my granny asks me to take a driving course.

Altought that Icha is 2 years younger than me, but we're really close like we're in the same age. Now Icha just graduated from junior high school and will enter to high school soon.

 Okay -__- my bangs is too long now ! and it's disturbing my eyesight

Ours-Taylor Swift, my fav song this week