Feb 15, 2013


Hello, friends :D glad to talk with you again ! 
Anyway, happy Valentine's for everyone who celebrate. Everyday is affection day for me, not only in Valentine's day.

So you ask me about what Commniversary is?

I must tell all of this to you about 2 weeks ago, 'cause Commniversary means Communication Anniversary. it's a birthday of my program study, Communication Science on Andalas University (I've told you that I study there, right? ;)

it's our 5th birthday. Yes, this program study are still young and growing. But I'm really proud being the a part of this program study! I bet you'll love studying here too! I swear there's no math, no physics, chemistry, and biology, there's no more those confusing subjects!
 left to tight: Heru, Ica, me, Yayas, and Fifi
Left to Right: Fifi, Ica, Maya, and me.

with Maya.

Aaaand, the best pasrt of this party was when the nominations announced. and surprise! I got "The Most Fashionable" 2013 award! Hohoho thankyou so much. I thought I didn't worth enough to get that award, but it was polling from my friends.
 pic from my instagram

with Engga. (a funny name, huh?  Whenever I say  'enggak' or 'nggak'  which means 'no' in Indonesia he'll turn LOL)
with seniors.

 I'm wearing a random skirt and  leather jacket from Forever 21.