Jan 5, 2013

Happy (18) New Year !!

just a post / month? I think I'm such a lazy blogger. But I always make sure I have a prime time to write here.
sooooo this is post for this month. The first month in2013 ! January ! My best month for a year. Why ? I was born this month !

so say happy birthday to me guys !!!!!! I'm now 18 YO. I don't know is it still can be called as teenager, I wanna be teenager forever >.<
January also means HOLIDAY. I can meet up with my high school friends again, and can go down town with some of my college friends. I can forget all about my college task such as making papers, reports, clippings, and video, it's all tiring and boring.

Shirt by Ninety Degrees, Pants by Dust Jeans. Bag and Shoes by GOSH

Then, let me introduce my new friends, they are

my new hairclip
my new shoes <3

Today is my birthday, January, 5th. This is saturday. Hope you have a nice saturday ! :)))