Dec 28, 2016

Begin Again

I've been almost vacuum from this blogging world since I entered college. Sometimes I tried to write again in the middle of my activities, but it's wasted, I wasn't wrote any good post at all. Then I dicided to off from blog sphere. But I can't deny that I loooove writing, I love "curhat" :p, I love sharing with others, I love, taking pictures, I love dressing up, I love editing photos and videos, I love traveling, I love food, I love drawing, and so much more things I love that I wanna share to the world. The problem is the roadblocks in my way, like I'm so busy, I'm tired with the college tasks, I have no time, I have nothing to post, bad internet connection, bad devices, and more, and more...

And in every posts, I always promise to be more active on blogging, but I always break my own promises. Today, I decided to start it over again. I wanna write again, and share every precious moments in my life to the world. Exactly, there are so many things happened since I started my college life. Everythings come and go, up and down are passing by. I will write it here later.

So, let me re-introduce myself, if you may be have forgot me. My name is Sarah. My parents has given that name when I was born January 1995. It's not picked from "Sarah" the character in "Si Doel Anak Sekolahan" serial that famous in 90's. Actually "Sarah" was picked from prophet Ibrahim AS's wife that is beautiful (so it's like a wish from my parents to me), and "Sarah" means "princess" in Hebrew. My closest people call me "Chaah" (it spelled Cha - Ah) because I can't say "Sarah" when I was a little. Now (finally) I'm a fresh graduate of  Communication departement, Andalas University, in , Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia (maybe some of you are wondering where is it). Next I wanna jump in to the fashion bussines, maybe I can continue my education to fashion study (if you have any information about good and cheap fashion school in Indonesia, and/or scholarships to fashion study, please comment down below). Then, my very humble dream is to getting maried young LOL (I am serious).

So, talking about starting all over new, I'm thinking about change my blog title, my url, my header, and lay out, and... TA - DA !!! New things are coming! Hope it will be a good start.

See you.


Ch. Sarah